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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping Agent Service is our cord service. We purchase items from China to our customers based on customers’ wants and instructions. In addition, we provide services for the whole process from recommendation in purchasing, quality inspection, storage, delivery and after sales services to ensure our customers receive satisfied items. The better shopping experience will be gained by using our Shopping Agent service.

Taobao is only an e-commerce platform for a single seller to sell their products overseas. In contrast, we are a service provider. The most obvious distinctions are detailed inspection services, combined delivery services, and after-sales services.

We will inspect items for our customers in order to reduce the chance of returns or unsatisfied. And customers can combine varied items into one parcel to deliver abroad in terms of money saving. Last but not the least, our fabulous customer services are incredible and irreplaceable as our customer service will solve any problems regarding to the items and delivery. Taobao cannot provide this incredible service but we can. To sum up, we are not like Taobao for being an online commerce platform, but we provide services and responsible for our customers in order to become the reliable friends with our users.

As mentioned earlier, FortuneLogistics is not only providing shopping agent services to our customer, we also provide a strong and efficient after-sales service, including quality issues and delivery issues. We are not like other platforms that transfer the responsibilities to sellers or logistics companies, because FortuneLogistics is our customers’ reliable friends. Our unique 24/7 customer service team, who are professional and bilingual, will follow up any of your enquiries until your questions have been solved because customer first is our aim.

Of course you can, simply tell us what you want. We ‘Experts Service’ team will help you to find good reputed sellers, greater quality similar items with lower price, etc.

First of all, the most important reason is we have our expert team to recommend and inspect the products quality for you to make your shopping experience safer and easier. Our experts will communicate with customers before any questionable items have been sent out in terms of any returns or refunds. We will try our best to avoid any unsatisfied results occurred, when receiving unexpected products, in terms of money and time wasting. In addition,with the rapid development of Chinese economy, it is very common to see more appealing, innovative and quality products made in China.